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Autism Resources for Parents

Sibling Support

Meghan Anderson from the Pingree Center discusses the importance of supporting siblings of children with autism.

Funding and Tuition for Autism Therapy/Services

The Pingree Center now accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield. The elementary and adolescent programs at the Pingree Center are privately funded and there is often immediate availability for both Medicaid and private pay services. For questions about tuition at the Pingree Center and other resources that are available, please call the Center at 801.581.0194.

  • Preschool Program

    As the premier autism preschool in Utah, we are proud to offer a program that focuses on the individual needs of each child. The preschool program serves children ages 2 through 5. Our enriched staffing ratio allows for intensive and individualized programming, high rates of attention and reinforcement, and data collection to monitor progress.

  • Elementary Program

    The autism elementary program follows the general Pingree curriculum, programming based on Rethink Autism, and functional life skills. Following the Utah State Board of Education guidelines, academic rotations in math, reading, and language are incorporated for those children who require structured academic groups.

  • Adolescent Program

    Our adolescent autism learning program supports the development and education of adolescents in grades 7 through the age of 21 using ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy. Youth in this program are encouraged to be autonomous and responsible as they develop skills that are age-appropriate and essential to their development. Our certified ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) specialists will ensure that your child has an enriching experience during their scholastic journey as well as offer resources for friends and families that will establish life-changing results.

Parent Involvement

The Pingree Center staff believes collaboration with parents/caregivers is essential to their children’s growth. They are an integral part of goal development, treatment, and monitoring progress. Care plan goals are developed with parents/caregivers and are adapted and reviewed at a minimum of 30 days.

In order to support open communication and consistency, parents/caregivers are asked to participate in the classroom 3-4 hours each month. Daily home notes, e-mails, phone contact, and notes in the child’s steno notepad are used to support communication as well. Parents/caregivers are also invited to attend monthly parent education classes.

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