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Pingree Parents Staff Association (PTA)

The Pingree PTA Group

The Pingree Parents Staff Association (PTA) is run by the parents of Pingree students and staff. PTA is a great way to meet other parents and play an active role in making the Pingree Center a better place. The PTA also helps the parents provide teachers and staff information they need to help students and allows parents to connect and share their children’s stories.

For more information about the Pingree Center’s PTA and how to get involved call 801.581.0194 or email [email protected]

What It's All About

At the Pingree Center, we believe that active involvement in a child’s development is a huge component to their growth. Parents are some of the best teachers for helping children with autism expand their knowledge and grow in this world. The more involved the parent is with their child’s school, the more they can work to help their child.

The Pingree Parents Staff Association (PTA) is a program that gives parents of children with autism the opportunity to get involved with other parents and staff in an effort to help each other out. This association also provides additional resources for parents with a child with autism.

Pingree PTA is a great way to relate and network with other families who are in similar situations. In addition, they can provide insight on what their child is going through in school and provide ways to help.

Participation in the Pingree Parents Staff Association (PTA) can vary depending on the availability and resources of each parent. We hope to grow this community so that every parent and child can feel supported in the Pingree Center family.

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