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Adolescent Program

Adolescent Autism Learning Program

Our adolescent autism learning program supports the development and education of adolescents in grade 7 through the age of 21 using ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy. Youth in this program are encouraged to be autonomous and responsible as they develop skills that are age-appropriate and essential to their development. Our certified ABA (applied behavior analysis) specialists will ensure that your child has an enriching experience during their scholastic journey as well as offer resources for friends and families that will establish life-changing results.

The Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning employs BCBAs (Board Certified Behavioral Analysts) that are highly trained in ABA (applied behavior analysis) to develop individualized behavior support programs for clients.

Adolescent Program Curriculum

The adolescent program follows the Pingree Center’s general curriculum with programs based on Rethink Autism and functional life skills.

One of the first steps in our autism learning program is teaching adolescents how to communicate effectively. When a student is not able to communicate with their peers and teachers, they can become easily frustrated. Effective communication can facilitate healthy relationship building and social skills which will continue developing throughout the student’s life.

In order to maintain the most education-conducive environment possible, the Pingree Center keeps class sizes small. Our highly structured programming, expert teachers, and staff create a safe positive environment. Our curriculum is generally tailored to each student’s specific needs and may include social skills, life skills, hands-on learning, extracurriculars, and family involvement.

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