Adults Autism Program: We’ve Expanded Offering Adult Autism Services

Adults with Autism

Utah has the second highest prevalence rate for autism in adults in the United States. The most recent prevalence estimate by the Center for Disease Control indicates that 1 in 58 children in Utah has Autism. These children are moving into adulthood and bumping up against the cliff of disappearing services. Children with autism grow up to be adults with autism

Carmen B. Pingree Center for Learning has now expanded its programs to an Adult Autism Center to serve these individuals. We have found that there’s an unfilled need for autism services that meet the needs and are accessible for every adult with autism in Utah. It is estimated that there are around 1,000 individuals in Salt Lake County who could qualify and benefit from this program. This service has been created to fill an unmet need.

Learn More About the Adult Autism Center

Autism in adults does not mean an end to autism support. An adult with autism is shown in a group program for adults with autism.

What Makes Our Adult Autism Center Different?

We successfully serve the hardest, most affected population with quality programs for autistic adults. Adults with autism are found to have extremely high unemployment rates of 80-85%. This is due to many factors related to their disability. There are also adults with significant needs who are not able to be employed but need a quality program that can continue to provide meaningful opportunities to help them build skills. 

Many parents of individuals with autism know that after their children age out of educational services between the ages of 18 and 22, there is a cliff that they fall off of due to lack of services available for adults with autism. There are also many adults with autism who are unable to live independently. Many of these individuals continue to live with their parents until their parents can no longer support them. With our center, we offer programs for autistic adults to teach home living skills to these individuals to help combat this obstacle.

Adult Autism Program Details

The adult program is an extension of The Pingree Center’s core principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The Pingree programs for autistic adults successfully support individuals with autism who have lower cognitive skills, lower communication skills, and individuals with significant behavior, such as biting, head banging, running, hitting, etc. Other agencies provide housing and vocational services for adults. Some even serve adults with autism, but there is a critical need for quality services for adults with autism who require this high level of support. This program is designed to appropriately and meaningfully serve this group of individuals.

Our Programs

This program will provide much-needed services to adults with autism to meet supported housing needs as well as vocational skills training. The vocational skills training program will support up to 50 individuals with vocational skills training needs. The vocational skills training program will aim to provide supported employment in community agencies when appropriate for the individual. When supported community employment is not appropriate, other skills training and meaningful activities will be available at the training center.  The ultimate goal is increased independence for individuals based on their personal skills and abilities.

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Carmen B. Pingree is determined on providing support, education, and resources for people with autism of all ages. We offer autism preschool, elementary, adolescent education. We now offer a program for autism in adults in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you would like to learn more about the services we provide, give us a call today at (801) 581-0194.

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