6 Best Autism Apps For Skill Development and Confidence in 2021

Each year, developers and app creators release new autism apps. These apps are intended to support the autism community, focusing on the social, communication, emotional, language, and organizational needs of children with autism.

Exposure to the right quality autism apps can help a child with autism in several ways. Specifically, high-quality apps can help children gain confidence and assist them in developing skills such as decision making, communication, social interaction, and finding the motivation to improve and learn. In this article, you will learn about some of the best autism apps for kids that are available today.

In 2021, the list of high-quality apps for kids with autism continues to grow. Whether you’re looking for an educational app or one that focuses on skill-building, the following apps all have one thing in common — they benefit children with autism, as well as their caregivers.


Apple only

If you’re interested in the top communication apps for children with autism, in addition to Avaz, Proloquo2Go is one of the best apps to assist nonverbal children with autism. This ACC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) app can be used as a daily communication tool, supporting the development of key language skills. Being symbol-based, users learn to express themselves through the use of innovative features backed by clinical knowledge and user research. Best of all, the app is completely customizable, allowing you to alter everything from vocabulary to the appearance of the app itself.

2.i Create… Social Skills Stories

Apple Only

The concept of i Create… Social Skills Stories is based on the need for children to learn how to interact in social situations Using a combination of visual, audio, and text to describe an event or skill, stories provide examples of how the user would interact with others in an appropriate manner. The goal is to help users enhance key social skills so that they can apply what they learn to develop new routines. All steps and storylines are customizable, allowing you to import personal photos and unlimited pages to your stories.

3.Speech Blubs 2

Apple + Android

When it comes to educational apps for children with autism, there is no shortage of exceptional options, including Speech Blubs 2. This “speech learning” app for kids is therapist-approved, allowing children with autism to activate language with fun speech-based activities. While this app is not strictly designed for children with autism, it is intended for any child that is a late-talker. Helping children with autism learn first sounds, words, and sentences, it’s no wonder this app won multiple awards, including Mom’s Choice Award and techozens.com’s “Best and Trusted Speech Therapy App for Kids.”

4.Language Therapy for Kids – MITA

Apple + Android

With a 4.4-star (out of 5) Apple rating and a 4.6-star Android rating, Language Therapy for Kids – MITA from ImagiRation is the first and only language therapy application supported by clinical data. During a 3-year clinical trial of 6,454 children with autism, those who engaged with MITA increased language scores to levels 120% higher than children with similar initial baseline evaluations.


Apple + Android

Otsimo offers special education and speech therapy apps available for Apple and Android devices. Designed around applied behavior analysis (ABA) and ACC, Otsimo’s mission is to help children reach pivotal developmental milestones. With over 50 games to choose from, you can personalize your child’s experience to match their unique needs. Progress reports are available so that parents can track progress.

A photo of a Kid playing with an autism app.

6.ABC Autismo

Android only

Leveraging the foundations of the TEACCH methodology, ABC Autism helps children with autism learn through the power of fun games. Available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, this app highlights the communication strengths and possible weaknesses of those living on the spectrum. The ultimate goal of this help is to help individuals of any level develop confidence as they build critical skills.

Using Apps to Manage Your Child’s Autism

Whether you’re seeking assistance with building your child’s confidence, growing their skill-set in a subject such as reading or writing or helping them to differentiate between and regulate their emotions, there’s a slew of apps that aim to help. Each child on the autism spectrum has unique needs, so pick and choose which sort of autism apps will be most effective at helping you and your child to make progress toward your goals. These nine offerings are solid choices for getting you and your child started on your journey. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or if you are interested in learning more about our programs for kids with autism!

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