9 Best Autism Apps For Children’s Skill Development and Confidence

In this day and age, thanks to the rapid growth of and ever-changing advances in technology, nearly any kind of service or information is available at your fingertips. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse or a few swipes on your tablet or smartphone to access what you need. This broad access to technology and the resources it provides can be invaluable to children with autism and their families.

Exposure to the right quality autism apps can help a child with autism in several ways. Specifically, high-quality apps can help children gain confidence and assist them in developing skills such as decision making, communication, social interaction, and finding the motivation to improve and learn. In this article, you will learn about some of the best autism apps for kids that are available today.

1. LetMe Talk: Free AAC Talker

Apple + Android

LetMe Talk is a free AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) app available for both Android and iPhone. As an impressive free autism app that can assist people of all ages on the autism spectrum, LetMe Talk gives a voice to those who have communication barriers or are nonverbal. In the app, users have access to over 9,000 images that can be used to construct sentences. It also allows for switching back and forth between languages for families who are bilingual.

2. CoughDrop: Symbol-Based AAC

Apple Only

This symbol-based AAC app comes as one of the most highly recommended autism communication apps by many professionals. Only available on Apple devices through the App Store, the price may initially seem shocking. However, it is a particularly great resource for children who are nonverbal. With settings to match both basic and more advanced vocabulary, CoughDrop has a level-based system. It allows the user to select recognizable images to communicate while also helping them to develop their language skills.

3. Life360: Family Locator

Apple + Android

The Life360 app is one of the great autism apps for helping children and teenagers stay connected to their families. Connected family members can view real-time member locations on a map. The app sends alerts when users arrive at home or at another predetermined destination such as work or school. It allows for communication between children, friends, family members, and caregivers, bringing peace of mind to both children with autism and their loved ones.

4. ABA Flash Cards and Games – Emotions

Apple Only

Children with autism sometimes find it difficult to identify emotions and react appropriately to them. ABA Flash Cards and Games – Emotions makes the list of best apps for autism because it enables children to learn about and become more familiar and comfortable with the concept of their emotions. The app features several settings that make for a more personalized experience. Through the use of pictures, this app helps children to differentiate between the emotions of sadness, happiness, and fearfulness.

5. Autism Read and Write

Android Only

Just like all individuals, children with autism may struggle or soar in different areas. If you’re looking for autism apps to help with reading or writing skills, the Autism Read and Write for Android is a good choice. This free app is geared towards school-aged children and helps them to begin tackling the basics in these subjects. It allows for the level of difficulty to be customized and the user can move around between lessons as needed.

A photo of a Kid playing with an autism app.

6. Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings

Apple + Android + Kindle

Some great sources that can serve as learning tools aren’t necessarily strictly autism apps and Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings app is a prime example. Available for Android, Apple, and the Kindle Fire, the app relies on a simple variation of activities and catchy songs to introduce children to different types of body language, facial expressions, and emotion-specific words. This can be particularly helpful for children struggling with the regulation of their emotions and the content is delivered in a format that is bright, fun and friendly.

7. Endless Reader

Apple + Android

Another great and engaging option that doesn’t solely fall into the category of autism apps is Endless Reader. Available for both Apple and Android platforms, the app tackles what all new readers must conquer: sight words. Endless Reader engages and entertains young learners with its mix of fun sounds and colorful and cute monster friends.

8. Starfall ABCs

Apple + Android

Often recommended by educators, Starfall ABCs makes learning the alphabet fun and engaging. With the use of bright colors and an emphasis on learning through play, the Android and iPhone apps teach children to recognize letters and their accompanying sounds. When it comes to familiarizing children with the alphabet, Starfall ABCs is one of the best autism apps because it allows children of all abilities to work and grow at their own pace.

9. Social Story Creator Educators

Apple Only

Some children with autism struggle with navigating social situations. This is one of the autism apps that is great for helping children better understand how to handle different social scenarios. Children can build stories relating to various situations and then review the stories they have created as needed. It is simple to use and is intuitive enough for many children to easily explore the app on their own.

10. Rethink EDU


Rethink EDU is a web-based program we use for our students with autism. Parents and teachers use this online autism app to help teach students a variety of academic and daily living skills. In addition to helping develop quality skills, it assists with behavior support and data collection. At Carmen B. Pingree, we utilize the program to develop customized modules based on each child’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Using Apps to Manage Your Child’s Autism

Whether you’re seeking assistance with building your child’s confidence, growing their skill-set in a subject such as reading or writing or helping them to differentiate between and regulate their emotions, there’s a slew of apps that aim to help. Each child on the autism spectrum has unique needs, so pick and choose which sort of autism apps will be most effective at helping you and your child to make progress toward your goals. These nine offerings are solid choices for getting you and your child started on your journey. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or if you are interested in learning more about our programs for kids with autism!