Success Stories | Pingree Children's Autism Center
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Success Stories

Autism Treatment Center

“Our family has been so blessed by our association with the Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning. We tried many different options for our son’s education. At the Pingree Center, we found a place where he belongs. He is loved and helped in so many ways. We found a dedicated staff who use evidence based interventions and practices that have allowed our son to flourish and make progress we never dreamed could happen.”

– Stan & Cheryl Beagley

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“Pingree has been a second home to our son Porter. It’s a place he is loved, respected and taught well. I can’t imagine a better school for him to receive his education. It is a place to be with his peers and a place that truly appreciates abilities, as well as disabilities.”

– Kymberly & Brad Burgess

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“I love the Pingree environment for my children. I love that we, as a school, really are a family with everyone invested in helping our children succeed. I love how the Pingree Center meets each child where they are and builds a foundation of both academic and life skills. My children both light up as they walk into their classrooms and greet their friends.” – Martha & Ray Hinckley

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“Pingree has been the best decision we have made for our son. We put him in the preschool at three years old and he is now nine and still attending. We instantly saw results. The staff is amazing and each child has their own behavior plan. They also teach you how to implement these methods at home. We feel so blessed to be able to attend the Pingree Center. ” – Tom and Heather Kelly

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“My son has been going to the Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center since he was three. He is now 12 years old.  I honestly don’t know what I would do or where he would be to this day. He has come such a long way.  The help from the school is just incredible.  The staff and teachers just know how to help you when you feel helpless. I’m very thankful for this school and their knowledge. Though he still has autism, we feel they are helping him reach his highest level of potential.  It helps parents like me have hope.” – Tim & Jacki Peacock

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“Carmen B. Pingree has really been a great help for our three sons. Having three children with autism is of course a struggle, but Carmen B. Pingree and its excellent staff help us shoulder the load. Each one of our children has made substantial progress since they began attending. The Pingree staff were very willing to help us out on meeting goals for our sons and they had a hand in our sons’ eventual success. The student-to-teacher ratio is excellent and the classrooms are well set up and fun. The classroom environment promotes learning and progress. Thank you Pingree staff!”  – Nolan & Maribel LaBarge

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“The Pingree Autism Center has been a wonderful place for our son. We first came here when he was five years old and he will turn 12 this fall. During our time here, he has grown and progressed in ways we could not have imagined. We have enjoyed all of the teachers we have been with over the years. It seems whenever he needed a new emphasis, someone was there to take the lead. Thanks to all of the wonderful staff at Pingree for all of their help. We are deeply indebted to them. ” – Patrick & Mary Martha Tripeny

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“I want to let people know what great work Gavynn has been doing. He has learned to go shopping, do laundry, do chores and cooking. He loves going to school and when I wake him he is so happy he giggles. The school is such a help to not only Gavynn, but us as well. We could never thank everyone enough. Thanks!” – Linda Garber

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“After five years at the Pingree Center, our son Christopher has developed far beyond our initial expectations. We can’t imagine a better environment for him. He’s excited to go to school each day and we know he is in the best hands. We think the world of the staff for their energy, enthusiasm and expertise. Theirs is a labor of love. The Pingree Center deserves the support of the community and we hope its services expand to allow every child in need to attend.” – Steven & Krisztina Pratt