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Scholarship Recipients

The Larsen Family

“As parents, we have always tried to provide the very best services and environment for our son Bennett’s needs. Because of the structure and programs at the Pingree Center, we feel that we are able to give our son the best. We credit his improvements and social gains to the Pingree staff and programs. Pingree is able to create a place where all children can develop and thrive. Every gain is celebrated, and each improvement is built upon to foster greater success. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the opportunity to have our child in such a well-structured and successful environment.”

– Vicki Larsen

The DiPaolo Family

“My daughter has gone to the Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning for the last 3 years. Because my daughter is young and mostly non-verbal, I constantly worry about who cares for my child. At Pingree, I don’t have to worry. I feel completely comfortable and safe leaving her in their care every day and I know she is in good hands. The teachers and staff are so wonderful and patient with the kids, and they understand their needs and behavior more than anyone I’ve met. One particular thing that always surprises me is when teachers or staff from other classrooms know my daughter’s name and say hi to her in the halls. That tells me that this is a community that knows all the children in their care, and they work as a team to help our kids be the best they can be. I’m delighted that I get the opportunity to keep my child at the Pingree Center for another year.”

– Brittany Coats

The Burgess Family

“Our son Porter has attended the Pingree Center since he was 3 years old. Porter was and still is, a very beautiful boy with endless energy and ideas for achieving whatever is set in his mind. We love him fiercely and only want the best for him. Putting him on a bus to send him away off from our home was difficult. We knew he needed to be in a safe environment where the school staff would be as patient and loving as we would be, and he would be challenged to learn in ways to suit him. Pingree has fit those expectations for the last ten years. Our family has sacrificed every year in order to ensure we can afford to send Porter to Pingree, as we strongly believe this is the best for him. Every person that has contributed to this program has our sincere appreciation, as it significantly eases this burden on us and allows us to continue forward with Porter attending the Pingree Center. It is truly his home away from home.”

– Brad & Kymberly Burgess

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