Autism Walk & Carnival

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    Walk and fundraise to support the autism community! Use the link to provide your address and receive a fundraising packet! Collect donations from family, friends, and co-workers! All donations support community autism partners in enhancing autism services. There are prizes for different fundraising levels! Make a tax deductible donation and support this cause to help make the future of children with autism brighter. All funds raised go towards helping enhance autism services. Prizes will be awarded based on the amount donated. See prize tiers below. Become an official sponsor of the Autism Walk and Carnival! Show your support for autism by helping to sponsor the event. There are many ways to get involved as a company sponsor that will help build community engagement and brand recognition!
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Donation and Fundraising Prizes!

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    Get a T-shirt! Get a T-shirt and Tote Bag! Get a T-shirt, Tote Bag, and Water Bottle! Get a T-shirt, Tote Bag, and Water Bottle, Fidget Spinner! Get a T-shirt, Tote Bag, and Water Bottle, Fidget Spinnner, and Popsocket
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