At Home Services

This program empowers families to become an important member of their child’s treatment team.

Autism Specialists will teach parents and family members strategies to use with their children in the home using

the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). This model has helped children make progress and have a

smoother transition into the Pingree Center or other schools. These services are a great addition to the other

services or school programs your family is already participating in. To ensure consistent progress for your child,

the program will require families to make a one-year commitment.

Families in this program have access to our Rethink web-based curriculum, including all of the programs and

resources. Families also have access to the communication tool called Cough Drop. Cough Drop is very useful if

your child has limited verbal communication and needs communication supports.


The program includes:

  • Initial orientation and training meeting – 2 hours
  • Weekly meeting with an autism specialist – 1 hour
  • Monthly family therapy session – 1 hour
  • Monthly multi-family meeting at the Center – 1-2 hours