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Treatment based on the latest scientific methods leads to real results and hope.

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The Adult Autism Center will be the first of its kind in Utah. This program will provide a place where individuals with significant needs can continue to get quality treatment and work towards independence and increased quality of life.

Get involved today by donating to the Adult Autism Center and help make the lives of adults with autism better and brighter.

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Utah’s Leading Autism Center

The Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning provides comprehensive treatment, education and related services for children with autism and their families. We use and develop best practices validated by research while treating students and their families with dignity and respect. We partner with families, universities, service agencies, the government and our community to assist those affected by autism. We undertake and support research to better understand autism, its causes, and the most effective treatments and interventions for individuals with autism.

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An Autism Treatment Center for Everyone

While we’re located in Utah, our doors are open to everyone nationwide. As the premier autism center in the Intermountain West, we have students from all over the United States that relocated to Utah to attend the Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning. We are proud to welcome all to our autism center in Utah. Contact our helpful and knowledgeable staff for more information on how to enroll your child!

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Our Programs

Preschool Program

For ages 2-5, our elementary program offers group and individual activities, including circle time, song and story, snacks, art and fine motor groups, recess, and more!

Elementary Program

The elementary program is broken into 45-minute learning sessions. Lessons include general academics like math and English, as well as functional life skills.

Adolescent Program

For adolescents in grades 7-12, this program encourages communication, independence, and life skills. Class sizes are small and the curriculum is individualized.

Community Child Care

The Preschool & Child Care program provides an outstanding, inclusive early childhood experience for children with and without special needs.

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